• Research and Development
    Based on its vision and the unique technology platform, Chance is creating a sustainable and balanced product pipeline with internal powerhouse as well as external collaboration mainly covering respiratory diseases and with the ability to systematic diseases.
    Formulation technology platform
    Having conventional jet milling and blending technology as well as up-to-date spray dry technology and associated know-hows, Chance is able to choice suitable formulation technology to develop desired product according to indication, patient population, expected clinical settings as well as cost associated factors.
    Company Profile
    China's Leading Inhalation Drug Delivery Platform
    Hangzhou Chance Pharmaceuticals is a fast growing Hi-tech company who focuses on research, development and commercialization of inhalation products specialized on DPIs for local and systematic indications. Managed by a team with global vision and full spectrum of drug development including research, clinical development, regulatory as well as commercialization. Chance is establishing a sustainable and global market-value oriented product pipeline covering respiratory and systematic indications by Chance’s proprietary pulmonary drug delivery platform technology including novel particle engineering, unique inhaler design as well as inhaler manufacture partnered with international top-tier manufacturers. Chance’s mission is to provide better, safer, cheaper, easy-to-use products to improve patients’ quality of daily life and to create the optimal overall reward to our valuable investors.
    Chance Team Introduction
  • Dr. Donghao Chen
    Dr.Donghao Chen, the founder and CEO of Chance Pharmaceuticals, Prior back to China, he was Director of R&D at Alnylam, a world leading RNAi company in US where he built up the delivery platform for siRNA, and as the project leader, he has led the team to advance successfully the world first inhalable siRNA to treat RSV to clinical Phase I in US. Before joining Alnylam, Dr. Chen was product development manager at Alkermes where Dr. Chen was serving as CMC leader for two clinical stage(Phase I and II) projects.
  • Dr. Lan Chen
    Co-founder&Vice President
    Dr. Lan Chen, co-founder, VP of R&D, associate professor and Dean at Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Dr. Chen is responsible for formulation development and inhaler design at Chance. Her pharmaceutical industrial experience covers full spectrum of product development including pharmaceutical equipment, micro-dosing, inhaler design and powder technology. She has been the member of National Technical Committee on Pharmaceutical Equipment of Standardization Administration of China since 2008.
  • James Huang
    Co-founder&Vice President
    Mr. James Huang is the co-founder and VP of Hangzhou Chance Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Huang is responsible for company operation, talent recruitment as well as investor relations. Before co-found Chance, he is the CEO of 4+1 Mobile Health, which is mobile SNS focus on health and weight loss. James invented sophisticated algorithm utilizing 3D accelerometer within smartphone to track people movement and calculate daily calories burned. James used to work in Howard Hughes Medical Institute as research engineer.
  • Chance Human Resources
    With it clear mission and vision, Chance is a fast growing biotech company to provide alternative choices for patients with respiratory diseases to improve their quality of life.Here in Chance, Chance can provide an open, innovative and outcome driven atmosphere for everyone who enjoy to touch cutting-edge technology, communicate with worldwide thought leaders in regular basis, work in dynamic, exciting and full of challenges environment and celebrate the fruits after diligent work.
    Chance / Honor